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Stop Wasting Marketing Dollars

You know you need videos, but wasting valuable marketing dollars on videos that don’t work is not a good plan. That’s why we are trained and certified in the StoryBrand Framework. We use this proven framework to clarify your videos message and grab peoples attentions so people easily understand why they should do business with you, and how you make their life better.

Have A Plan

Whether it’s your first or hundredth video, we help you figure out the best plan to leverage videos in your marketing.

Start Seeing Results

Have your videos start converting your audience into paying customers and raving fans.

Increase Revenue

Join the other companies who have used this proven framework in their business and videos to double and even quadruple their revenue.

How Much Are Bad Videos Costing You?

Most companies waste an enormous amount of money on video marketing each year.

Why? Because their videos and messaging are causing confusion.

Creating a video with a clear and compelling message can be difficult. Companies that are so connected to their product or service often struggle to communicate in their videos in a way customers understand and connect with. What you need is someone with fresh eyes that clearly connects what you offer with your customers needs, on a level they understand.

We are Forward Motion Production, a full service video production company. StoryBrand Certified in 2017 to help companies with great products and services grow their business with a framework that is proven to get you results.

Story is the most powerful tool to compel the human brain. When a story starts, people start paying attention. They’re able to relate and connect with you in a way that can only be done through video. Filtering your brand, products and services through the key elements of a story increase engagement, sales increase and your company starts growing.

Join the other companies who have doubled and even quadrupled their revenue by clarifying their message and created videos that get results.

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Schedule a call for us to talk about your business, what problems you’re facing in you marketing, and how we can help you

Create Your Video

Once we know what is holding your company back, we will implement a video plan proven to solve these problems and produce great results

Share With The World

Watch as the power of clear and compelling videos connect with your audience and grow your company in a new way

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Full Service Video Production

We handle everything from the initial idea to completion. Whatever your vision is, we can make it come to life. We help companies create videos they can use over and over again so they get the most out of their investment.

Strategy Sessions

Creating videos without a solid plan is a big waste of money. We offer strategy sessions to learn about your business, your audience, and determine the best way to use video to achieve your goals.

Brand Videos

It’s important for your potential customers to know your brand and exactly what you do. We create brand videos that connect your audience to you in a new way.

Explainer Videos

Potential customers need to know exactly what your product or service does to make their life better. Explainer videos show your audience what you do and why they need to work with you.


We all read Amazon reviews before making a buying decision. The same goes for your potential customers. Creating testimonial videos helps remove resistance and builds trust with your company.

Social Media

Engaging your audience where they spend their time is vital. We help our clients create video content for all social media platforms that will grab their attention and get the action you want. 

TV Commercials

You have 30-60 seconds to persuade a viewer to do business with you. Our formula helps you get the best results in a short amount of time.

Marketing & Sales Funnels

Leveraging video in your marketing and sales funnels is vital. We help our clients find ways to use video in their current marketing plans to keep growing their business.

Live Events

Have the impact of your event reach the people who were not there. Our live event videos captures the best moments and vision of your event in a way everyone will love.

Internal Videos

Share a message with your team, explain your core values, training videos for new team members, and much more. All of this to help you communicate efficiently and save time.