- Why should we consider Forward // Motion as our cinematographers?
We are storytellers.  It's something we strive to do whether you are saying your vows, or telling us how you met. There is so much more to your wedding day than just "the kiss" or "the first dance." We believe that the hard work, the tears, the emotion are all what makes the video. Feel free to read some of the comments under the " What People Are Saying" tab to find out why other people have chosen us!

- What is required with the booking process?
We ask for a deposit (50% down) to be made to hold your date from any other potential clients, and will send along the contract for you to fill out as well! 

- What do you need from us prior to the event?
We ask that your questionnaire is completely filled out to the best of your knowledge (we will send this a couple weeks before your wedding), your deposit has been made, and your remaining balance is paid in full 30 days prior to the wedding. Any extra information ( surprises, gift exchanges, awesome dances, featured guests ), we ask that you mention those ahead of time!

- Can I upgrade to a higher package after booking?
You bet! We allow our couples to upgrade their packages anytime before their final payment is due. If you decide that you want more ( don't worry, you're not alone! ), we'd be glad to help you update your package with us. Just send an email letting us know you're ready!

- When do you arrive and depart from our event?
Well, that all will depend on your package. If you plan on receiving a wedding film, we try to stick around you from the beginning to the end! We'll be there while you two are getting ready, first looks, saying your vows, and breakin' down on the dance floor! We make sure to specifiy the hours in the contract. If you are looking for more F//M love, you can ask us to stay at our hourly rate! 

- How long does it take to get our film back?
Being that we edit every video in-house, we spend a lot of time on each couples wedding. We know our couples are very excited to see their video, but our couples also know that it's well worth the wait to make sure their video is the best it can be. Because we do treat each wedding with so much attention to detail, we allow up to 8 months to complete. We'll make sure to stay in contact and keep you updated as soon as it's finished. Trust us, it means as much to us as it does to you!

- Will the groom and officiant be mic'd?
Yes! Making sure we have clear audio is a huge thing to us. If there is any problem with this, we ask that you let us know before the big day. We also can't force pastors to wear a mic, so if it's important to you to have your pastor miced for the video (we highly recommend it!), make a note to let them know prior to your wedding that you'd like them mic'd for the video!

- Do you shoot in HD?

- What should we expect from you while your standing around us all day?
Not a whole lot!.. in a good way :) We pride ourselves with how we work around others that are there. Think of us as more of the "fly on the wall." If we feel there is an awesome opportunity that will make your jaw drop in the end, we will wait for the right time to ask you if you are comfortable doing that! We promise you'll love it in the end.

- Is there anything we can do to make our film better?
Absolutely! One thing that makes your wedding film stand out is to just be yourself in front of the camera. We love when our couples are completely themselves! Another thing is not to play music while we're there during your prep ( makeup, hair, getting dressed, etc ). Not playing music allows us to capture the natural audio during that time for your film. If there is music in the background, we aren't able to use that audio due to it interfering with the main song on your film. If there is music playing while we're there, we may ask to turn it down during key moments. The biggest thing you can do to make your film great is: trust. We ask our couples to completely trust us, and in the work we create. We have learned over the many years of filming weddings what makes your film incredible, and what takes us away from getting those shots. If you don't see us around you during photo shoots, don't worry - we're off filming something we know will add to your story!

- Do you work well with photographers and other event folks?
We do! We make sure to introduce ourselves the moment we meet eyes with one another. We are all there to make YOUR day happen just as you have planned. It's important to us that we all work together as a team! 

- What is included in the final product?
This, too, will depend on what your package includes.

- How long is a wedding film and/or feature film?
A wedding film is usually between 3 - 5 minutes.

A feature film is usually between 8 - 10 minutes. 

- What does a wedding film consist of?
Think of your wedding film as the story of your entire day. Or, much like a movie trailer, pulling out the best parts that really show who you are as a couple and showing all the hard work that went into your wedding day.

 - What does a feature film consist of?
Your Feature Film is an extended Wedding Film, basically. This allows more time for toasts, vows, and all those important parts of the day that don't make it into your Wedding film. If you're the type of person who always wants more - this is a great option! Our couples have the opportunity to upgrade their package anytime before their final payment is due (30 days before the wedding).

- How many USB's will I receive with my final product on it?

- What is a love story video?
The love story video will consist of how you two met, fell in love, how he popped the question, and what you're excited about for your future together. It's really a great thing to have played before the ceremony to fill guest in on your story, or a lot of our couples play them at their reception! The length of your love story depends on how much content we get from you!

- What about National / International travel?
We travel every year for weddings, so we're all for it!