Keith & Tiffany,
OMG. You guys are AMAZING! Eric and I are crying with joy over here. You both are so incredibly talented and we are so happy and proud that we chose you both to shoot our wedding and compose this remarkable movie. The feelings of that entire day flooded our hearts all over again. We are so thankful we have this to always remember that special day. We really did have such a kick ass wedding!! :) Love you both!!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Lori & Eric
— Lori Fenstermaker

I only have wonderful things to say about Keith and Tiffany at Forward Motion. In addition to being lovely to work with, the final product was just stunningly beautiful — when we got it over Christmas I was with my bridesmaids and my family and we all cried together again watching it. They truly captured the day. My mother had been really reluctant to have a videographer because she was worried about cameras being in our faces all day, but Keith and Tiffany were such amazing flies on the wall that nobody even knew they were there. They were courteous, kind, fun, friendly, and they made an amazing video. The next day my mom said she didn’t even know they were there, and was THRILLED that we had captured the night on video. I can’t think of anyone better to work with or any way that our video could have been more beautiful.
— Jessica Buesing

Videography was always a “wish-list” item for us, as my husband and I did cover a good portion of our wedding costs. This changed when I stumbled upon a video (Jodie & Brian) done by Forward Motion Production. After watching just a 3+ minute video of total strangers, I was in tears (happy tears!). I couldn’t believe the way they captured the emotion of the day, and I knew then and there I had to contact them. From the moment they responded to the day they sent us the wedding trailer, Tiffany and Keith were incredibly professional and ridiculously friendly. It felt like two old friends were helping to document our wedding day! They did a wonderful job of being in a million places at once, but, not obviously filming people. Many of my friends who watched the trailer remarked that they did not even know we had them filming! They also went above and beyond to capture all the footage, traipsing all over the city with us for 4 hours, and then staying several hours past the original time we set. I am sure they were a little tired, but you never would know it - 10 hours later they were still smiling and laughing along with us. They genuinely fit into our day and hopefully had as much with us as we had with them!
I could go on and on about our video - it is such an amazing compilation of our day, capturing the immense joy & love we felt and truly showing who were are as a couple. The quality is fantastically artistic and worth every single cent. I have watched it probably 50 times and will continue to watch it and relive those special moments! We can’t thank them enough for giving us a priceless gift which we will share with generations to come :)
— Miranda Justus

Keith and Tiffany are not only the most likeable people I have ever met (I truly feel like I have made life long friends with them) but their work is amazing. I cannot sing their praises enough! Their attention to detail and overall flawless finished products make their art work every penny! And I mean it when I say “art’...they truly produce works of art! I will never forget that it wasn’t until Tiffany showed up in my bridal suite that I started crying!! It was like her presence meant that the day was actually “real”. I am so grateful that I had her by my side throughout the day!!!
— Adrianne Locke



I really cannot thank you enough. I know I have been trying to express my gratitude and thankfulness in my written thank you ( I have rewritten it a million times so far)- but you two have already given me those four minutes I will never ever forget. His voice is so comforting to me when I’m feeling down even if its a little hard to watch or get through. Your gift is something that means more than anything right now...everyday and every second all I want to do is see and hear him again. Thank you so very much. You’ll never know how much it really means to me. Thank you.
— Morgan Keane