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A Constant Reminder...

A wedding film is meant to be a constant reminder of the promises you two have made on your wedding day. It is there to evoke the feelings that you felt on that day, and to be able to hear your voices make the promises that will hold your lives together from that day forward. This is what matters most: You two, standing together saying “I want to spend forever with you.” We strive to capture those moments, those feelings and vows that you fought so hard to get to.

"Eric and I are crying with joy over here. You both are so incredibly talented and we are so happy and proud that we chose you both to shoot our wedding and compose this remarkable movie. The feelings of that entire day flooded our hearts all over again. We are so thankful we have this to always remember that special day. Love you both!!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"
- Lori & Eric

Featured Wedding Films

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Will & Kaylyn | To Fall In Love With You

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Nate & Alyssa | My Friend & My Love

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Jayme & Elizabeth | Mere Words

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Arthur & Kailin | A Fortunate Accident

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Rob & Jessica | I Can’t Believe This

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James & Chassi | Resting Place

"I could go on and on about our video - it is such an amazing compilation of our day, capturing the immense joy & love we felt and truly showing who were are as a couple. The quality is fantastically artistic and worth every single cent. I have watched it probably 50 times and will continue to watch it and relive those special moments! We can’t thank them enough for giving us a priceless gift which we will share with generations to come :)"
- Miranda
"My mother had been really reluctant to have a videographer because she was worried about cameras being in our faces all day, but Keith and Tiffany were such amazing flies on the wall that nobody even knew they were there. The next day my mom said she didn’t even know they were there, and was THRILLED that we had captured the night on video. I can’t think of anyone better to work with or any way that our video could have been more beautiful"
- Jessica

Who We Are

Welcome, friends!

We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We are a husband and wife team that began Forward Motion together in 2011. We found out very quickly what it was like to work alongside of one another, and decided we loved the idea of it! As we pushed forward, our business began to grow – taking us full time by 2012. In 2013 we tied the knot and added our first pup “Mumford” into our family! We also bought an 1894 two story building that we call – home. Home is where you can find us most days. We live in a small town that Tiffany grew up in – you know, the town where everyone knows who you are and you drive 20 minutes just for groceries!

We believe that a wedding film is a huge investment into your marriage, but we also believe it goes much further than that. Your wedding film is something your children and your children’s children will cherish for a lifetime. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the love that started between the two of you be passed down for generations to come. We also believe there is only one chance to capture those beautiful fleeting moments; the first time you see one another, the first moment you vow to become one flesh, and the moment you realize you’ll never need to dance alone ever again. It’s within these moments that your lives are forever changed, and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to capture those moments for you!